Heym Martini Express



Débuted in 2013 and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the “Express” rifle, German-born, custom rifle builder Ralf Martini was selected to redesign the stock and profile of the rifle. Reminiscent of best-grade English sporting rifles made “between the wars”, the “Express” rifle by Martini is a modern version of a classic design made with all the advantages of 21st century steel and CNC precision.

The HEYM “Express” is the most well-designed and well-built big-bore bolt action available today. HEYM goes to great lengths to ensure 100% reliability. No other maker builds cartridge-specific actions. No other maker builds cartridge-specific magazine boxes. Leaving no detail to chance, we manufacture our own barrels and all small parts for our “Express” rifles in-house.

Available Calibres:
.375 H&H Mag.
.458 Lott
.404 Jeffrey
.416 Rigby

Surcharge Calibres:
.450 Rigby
.500 Jeffery
.505 Gibbs
  • Classical straight comb
  • Buttstock German cheek piece, in " English Styling "
  • Checkering hand cut round
  • Ebony statements on the forearm, red rubber butt pad, pistol grip degree with steel cap.
  • Walnut grade 5 with super finish and closed pores.

Barrel length:
61 cm, (24 inch)

Overall length:
114 cm, (45 inch)

4.2 to 4.4 kg (9.3 to 9.7 lbs)

Capacity 4 + 1



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