Heckler & Koch Rifles

Category D firearm, AG permit required for purchase!

Specified person and certified buyers

The specified person and certified buyer tests are for licensed individuals who wish to acquire category C or D firearms and/or parts to control vertebrate pests by:

The following fact sheet contains more detail about the test criteria and post import requirements:

  • HK HK243 S SAR

    Heckler & Koch

    HK HK243 S SAR

  • HK HK243 S TAR

    Heckler & Koch

    HK HK243 S TAR

  • HK USC

    Heckler & Koch

    HK USC

  • 14.5" Inch

    Heckler & Koch

    HK MR223A3

  • 20" Inch

    Heckler & Koch

    HK MR308 A3

  • HK MR308 A3-28

    Heckler & Koch

    HK MR308 A3-28