Heym Martini Express Luxury



Débuted in 2013 and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the “Express” rifle, German-born, custom rifle builder Ralf Martini was selected to redesign the stock and profile of the rifle. Reminiscent of best-grade English sporting rifles made “between the wars”, the “Express” rifle by Martini is a modern version of a classic design made with all the advantages of 21st century steel and CNC precision.

The HEYM “Express” is the most well-designed and well-built big-bore bolt action available today. HEYM goes to great lengths to ensure 100% reliability. No other maker builds cartridge-specific actions. No other maker builds cartridge-specific magazine boxes. Leaving no detail to chance, we manufacture our own barrels and all small parts for our “Express” rifles in-house.

Available Calibres:
.375 H&H Mag.
.458 Lott
.404 Jeffrey
.416 Rigby

Surcharge Calibres:
.450 Rigby
.500 Jeffery
.505 Gibbs

All system components are engraved nitride steel grey hardened which protects against rust. Border engraving on action, trigger guard, bolt handle, magazine floor and pistol grip plate with English arabesques, with large open spaces. Grip cap with animal head as desired. Walnut grade 5 with super finish and closed pores.

Barrel length:
61 cm, (24 inch)

Overall length:
114 cm, (45 inch)

4.2 to 4.4 kg (9.3 to 9.7 lbs)

Capacity 4 + 1


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