Heym 89B Double Rifle


Built on the legacy and reliability of the Model 88, the new HEYM Model 89 is a tribute to a bygone era in British gunmaking history. Its classic lines incorporate the best design elements of pre-war, British, boxlocks, while modern steels and precision machining capabilities provide the most in strength and reliability. The HEYM Model 89 is a proper British double rifle… made in Germany.

Stocks (right or left hand) are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit. Receivers are scaled in five unique sizes and are designed from the ground up for double rifle cartridges.  Each caliber receives a unique barrel profile to ensure proper balance, weight distribution, and that “weight between the hands” feeling that is synonymous with a well-designed double rifle.

Standard Features

Up To 26" | Krupp Steel | Hammer-Forged, In-House at HEYM

A&D Boxlock with Triple Lockup (Purdey Double Underbite with Greener Crossbolt)


Front: @ 1.7-1.8kg, Rear @ 1.9-2.0kg. (Articulated Front)

Automatic Ejectors:
Standard on all HEYM double rifles (Extractors by request)

Intercepting Sears:
Standard on all HEYM double rifles

Select European Walnut (Upgrades Available)

Stock Dimensions:
Made to Order (Right or Left Hand)

9.0 lbs - 13.0 lbs (varies with caliber)

Available Calibers:
300 Win Mag, 375 H&H Belted Mag, 375 H&H Flanged Mag, 416 Rigby, 416/500 NE, 450/400 NE 3", 450 NE 3.25", 470 NE, 500 NE, 577 NE, 20 ga


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