F.W.B Model 800 Alu (Bench Rest) Target Air Rifle


The possibilities to adjust butt plate and cheek piece, also the continuously rotatable rest of the model "800 Alu shooting on a rest" are especially adapted to the requirements of the shooting on a rest event.

The 4x4 vario sight helps you - especially for the shooting on a rest event - to backwards the sighting line. In addition the vario sight provides adjustability in height and the sight line can also be changed from the left to the right.

The miscellaneous adjustabilities and the compressed-air system in the model 800 series with its optimized control mode and extremely short development time for the shots, will take care for best results in this ambitious event.

The optimized anatomical grip made of beech wood is adjustable three-dimensionally and available in sizes S, M or L. The model 800 Alu shooting on a rest is also available in a right/left-version.

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