F.W.B AW93 Sports Pistol Cal. .22


Featured with a KN Nill Grip 

The Feinwerkbau Model AW93 is a five-shot sporting pistol cal. .22 l.r..

Shooters from all over the world are enthusiastic of this sporting pistol. A returning of the system for balance of masses as well as an additional damper reduce the recoil of shooting considerably. At the same time muzzle flip of the pistol is diminished by a special guiding device.

The trigger offers an adjustable trigger point with trigger stop. The sporting pistol possesses an automatic catch bolt after the fifth shot. The different grip sizes are available in right- and left-handed versions. Delivery in a special transport case.


Total Length: 285mm
Total Height: 145mm
Sight line length approx.: 217mm
Sight height from barrel centre approx.: 20mm
Barrel length approx.: 152mm
Barrel diameter approx.: 15mm
Calibre: .22lr
Total weight approx.: 1.14kg with magazine
Trigger weight approx.: 1000g
Longitudinal trigger adj. approx.: 14mm
Quantity of shots: 5+1

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