DSR 50

DSR Precision

Manufactured by DSR-Precision GmbH, the DSR-50 is based on the DSR-1 sniper rifle and includes modifications necessary to the fire the more powerful .50 caliber round, including hydraulic recoil buffer in the buttstock and an innovative muzzle attachment. This muzzle device, described as a 'blast compensator', is a muzzle brake, and is notable in its attempt at moderating the .50BMG's muzzle blast and recoil.

Like the DSR-1, this rifle retains its bullpup configuration, allowing a longer barrel while retaining a shorter OAL (overall length), which is an important consideration for large caliber rounds such as .50 BMG, and focuses the weapon's balance towards the buttstock, compensating for the muzzle heavy attachments standard on the DSR-50. The DSR-50 also retains some of the DSR-1's features, such as a top mounted bipod, monopod, free-floating barrel, fully adjustable cheek rest, butt stock and fore grip, and forward magazine holder.

General specifications
Length: 53.15in
Barrel length: 31.5in
Weight: 22.71LBS
Cartridge: .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO)

Technical data
.50 BMG

overall length:
w/o blast compensator 123 cm
with blast compensator 135 cm

barrel length:

rifle (w/o magazine & bipod) app. 10.300 gr.
scope with mount app. 1.400 gr.
magazine 470 gr.
bipod 680 gr.
Blast compensator 1.680 gr.

recoil damping system:
integrated hydraulic system in buttstock

blast compensator:
combines muzzle brake and effective blast pressure reduction

lock up:
6 locking lugs / locking directly in barrel extension

high strength aluminium

trigger system:
adjustable 2 stage trigger

manual 3-position safety

magazine capacity:
3 +1 in chamber

spare magazine:

easy accessible spare magazine in front of trigger guard
scope mount:
with preset angle for extended range

mount for night sights:
extended picatinny type rail

integrated suspension bipod system with 3 axis rotation

Note: Scope, Scope Mounts, and Bipod not included

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