Steyr Match, LP1, LP1P, LP10, adjustable right, fi-grooves, medium ST023M

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Product.Nr. ST023M

Steyr Match, LP1, LP1P, LP10, Evo 10 adjustable right, fi-grooves, medium


Surface: stippled, oiled
Size: medium
Hand: R
Material: Walnut
Group: A
Frametype: LP10

Model: LP10 / LP @ Anschütz / Evo 10

One of our specialties is creating anatomically formed match grips with adjustable lateral edge rests that meet the specifications and requirements of the International Shooters Union and the German Shooters Federation. Since the size and grip angle varies from shooter to shooter, these grips can be fine tuned to accommodate all of the different possibilities. Available for all of the common Olympic style pistols and comes standard in walnut with finger grooves and is available in left or right-handed configuration.