Heym 26 BS Luxus

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The Heym 26BS shares a lot of features from the 26B, but offers a different calibre combination and range. The Heym 26BS also includes a single selective trigger allowing you to shoot the top or bottom barrel first.

Heym 26BS Calibres:

Top Barrel:
.22 Hornet
.222 Rem.
5,6 x 50 R Mag.
5,6 x 52 R

Bottom barrel:
.30 R Blaser
7 x 65 R
8 x 57 JRS
9,3 x 74 R
* Extracting claw

Barrel length: 55 cm
Total length: 98 cm
Weight: 2.9 kg

Hunting engraving directly integrated into the system
Left: Deer with animal
Right: Two animals
Border with leaf ornament

Prepared for Heym one peice mount

HEYM wedge with luminaire

manual cocking, two-loop system

Stock group 3,
Bavarian cheek and Pistol grip, right or left,
Front with drip nose
Stock length 36.5 cm