H&S Speedsec 6 GF L Revolver

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  • suitable for S&W revolver models 529/586/686/629 (K,L,N frame)
  • Special version of the Speedsec 6 GF for revolver
  • Utilizes a unique elevated muzzle platform to compensate for the greater muzzle offset with a revolver
  • Fully adjustable competition speed holster (height, tilt & swivel adjust ability)
  • Adjustable muzzle support for increased safety
  • Equipped with a lock/unlock lever that secures the weapon in the holster and can be easily be reached on the draw stroke
  • Second safety lever with pull-trough function
  • Constructed from injection moulded reinforced polymer
  • Available with the versatile Multi lock belt loop, XChange belt hanger or the RCS belt hanger
  • Available only in black