H&S Speedsec 4 Lowrider ML

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  • Competition oriented Kydex holster with Drop & Offset Positioning
  • Two predetermined carry heights (front strap at belt level and front strap above belt level)
  • Three different cants (positive, negative and neutral cant)
  • Adjustable tension via two adjustment screws
  • Constructed from Kydex
  • The Speedsec 4 Lowrider ML is gin specific and available for a variety of guns (see the list below)
  • Only available with a Multi lock belt loop
  • Multiple colour choices (see colour chart)

The Speedsec 4 Lowrider ML is available for the following guns:
Colt 1911/Para USA (Double-Stack), CZ SP01, Heckler & Koch P30 or P30 L, STI/SVI/SPS, Sig Sauer X-Line, Sig Sauer P226, Sig Sauer Mosquito, Sig Sauer P250 DCc, Springfield Armory XDM, Glock Small Frame, Walther P99/PPQ