FX Impact Power Plenum Kit

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The FX Impact power plenum will take the FX Impact to a whole new level as it opens up the ability to shoot an even wider variety of airgun projectiles (especially airgun slugs) at optimum velocities, all while obtaining the unmatched accuracy that FX Airguns are known for.

A plenum in an airgun, is the chamber of compressed air located before the transfer port. The air it contains is released when the trigger is pulled. The air then rushes through the valve opening behind the projectile and propels it down the barrel. The amount of air pressure combined with the volume of air released is one of the key aspects to achieve velocity.

The benefits of the FX Power Plenum are threefold:

1. Higher velocities can be obtained. The factory tuned .22 caliber FX Impact previously achieved 32 ft lbs. of muzzle energy with standard pellets. With the FX Power Plenum added to the Impact, you can now shoot heavier slugs and obtain 60 ft lbs.

2. Increased shot count per fill. With the addition of the FX Power Plenum, the 75 shots per fill that the standard tuned .25 caliber Impact previously achieved, is now increased to 110 shots per fill.

3. Lower regulator pressure required. You get the same velocity result with lower regulator pressure due to the FX Power Plenum. Lower pressure will also result in less wear and tear maintenance to your rifle.