F.W.B Model 2800 Alu for shooting on a rest (Cal. .22 L.R.) Target Rifle

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Feinwerkbau revolutioniert das Kleinkaliberschießen!

The model series 2800 might have the shortest breech in the match range.
The bolt lever can be switched from right to left hand side (and vice versa) without tools.
Additionally on model 2800 Alu the adjustment unit of the rear stock can be converted from right to left hand side without effort.
Together with the familiar Feinwerkbau quality these and other technical features allow extraordinary results in the challenging discipline for shooting on a rest.

Other impressive features of model series 2800:

  • Revolutionary new precision breech - the bolt on the Model 2800 has been clearly moved backwards towards the shooter. The breech is guided on two rods, which at the same time allow an ideal and comfortable loading situation.
  • The bolt lever can be used either on the right or the left hand side and can be switched without tools.
  • The center of gravity of this rifle is located closer to the shooter.
  • A fine adjustment allows the cheek piece to be moved laterally in all shooting positions - so it is easy to react to changing conditions on the shooting range.
  • The new damper allows the shooter to customize the shooting behavior.
  • The ergonomically shaped grip made of wood can be adjusted in three dimensions and moved in length and width.